Asian cuisine is incredibly diverse from the ground up and is traditionally often based on plants.

For this reason it is also easily vegan convertible, since the asiatic meals are usually based on vegetables and grain. Since a large part of the Asian population is lactose intolerant, soy and coconut milk are common. Our alternatives to meat and fish will make you leave the restaurant satisfied and give you the desire to visit us again.Alternatives such as vegan bacon made from konjac roots or soya sallions and fillets and various tofu variations replace meat and fish and complete our innovative delicacies.
With seasonal vegetables and fruits, as well as other organic ingredients, we want to pass on our strong environmental awareness and our commitment to sustainability and an environmentally friendly approach to our customers. All of our packaging is recyclable and we do not allow plastic to cross our doorstep. But we do not only pay attention to sustainability in our food, because even our wines and beverages are regional and organic.


  • 1. Swimming Hokkaido

    Pumpkin coconut soup with tomatoes and seasonal vegetables
  • 3. Tofu in Pyjamas

    Fresh rice paper rolls filled with tofu, cucumber, paprika and fresh herbs with a caramelized soy peanut dip
  • 6. Humpty Dumpling

    Steamed dumplings with vegetable filling and tamarind - ginger sauce
  • 7. Green Beans

    Edamame with coarse sea salt
  • 11. Bathing Beauty

    Pak Choi with fried ginger threads and oyster sauce


  • 9. Granny ́s Garden

    Homemade spring rolls with chopped mushrooms, carrots, radish, herbs and fermented tofu vinaigrette
  • 10. Crunchy Balls

    Crispy vegan bacon made from konjac root with sesame and plum sauce
  • 12. Roasty Potato

    Grilled sweet potato with leek and homemade garlic mayonnaise
  • 13. Crispy Prawns

    Baked vegan shrimp coated with tempura and wasabi mayo cream
  • 20. Rolling Tofu

    Tofu strips wrapped in fresh chinese cabbage and nori leaf, baked in spicy potato flour and chrysanthemums. Served with lemongrass soy brew
  • 23. Wok Master

    Marinated black bean tempeh tossed with morels, celery, bell bell pepper and carrots
  • 24. Sushi Lover

    Crispy breaded roll filled with chopped tofu, oyster mushroom and beans. Wrapped with seaweed leaves and served with wasabi mayo cream


  • 18. Curry Clan

    Galangal curcuma curry with tofu, sweet potatoes, mushrooms, soy coconut milk and fresh coriander
  • 30. Tasty Healer

    Fresh flat rice noodles in root vegetable boullion with oyster mushrooms, spring onions, seasonal vegetables, lime and fresh herbs
  • 31. Soothing Friend

    Traditional soup from Central Vietnam with flat rice noodles, tofu, various types of mushrooms, morels, lemongrass and coconut milk. Served with roasted peanuts and sesame rice chips
  • 32. Udon know me

    Japanese udon noodles tossed in a wok with tofu, fresh seasonal vegetables, onions and fresh herbs
  • 33. Spice it up

    Fried soy fillets and tofu with lemongrass, tomatoes, seasonal vegetables, leek and rice
  • 34. Colourful Souls

    A mixed rice pot with marinated soy fillets, oyster mushrooms, pickled mustard cabbage, fresh seasonal vegetables, spinach, carrots and a caramelized brown sauce made from fermented tofu
  • 36. Long Life

    Spicy fried tofu and seitan on lemongrass with fresh herbs, crispy salad, rice noodles served with fried onions, peanuts and homemade vinaigrette.
  • 37. Sinking Boat

    Rice noodles with spring rolls stuffed with chopped mushrooms, sweet potatoes, carrots, radish served with crisp lettuce, peanuts and homemade vinaigrette.
  • 38. Pretty Women

    Sweet potato noodle with crispy tofu, edamame, carrots and sesame seeds.

Side Dishes

  • Rice

  • Ricenoodles

  • Flat rice noodles

  • Udon noodles


  • Lazy Banana

    Stewed banana wrapped in sticky rice topped with coconut cream and peanuts


Secure your table now and get ready for a culinary experience that will make you love sustainable, vegan cuisine!